Dal 2 aprile al 30 aprile mostra personale e non solo dell’artista Manuela Marussi
From April 2nd to April 30th, personal exhibition and more by the artist Manuela Marussi


We are the Sacred Weavers of our own lives,
We were given five different densities of Matter
to birth a reality we can shape
We perceive through our senses,
We interpret through intuition
Matter is the master
the Senses our receptors
the Heart interprets
applying the codes given by the soul
unravelling reality on this level
Presence is the key

MANUELA MARUSSI Cesta Andreja Bitenca 68, Ljubljana

L'Incanto della Maternità -olio su tela-120x60 -2023

Elemento Acqua, olio su tela, cm 50x50, 2015 -  HD

Elemento Etere - olio su tela,  cm 50x50, 2015  HD

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