Manuela Marussi Painter

 I like thinking this magic will never end.

“The game of colours, of forms magically appearing
under my hands is a spell happening
each time I become available
and, as I stress each time I talk to somebody,
the great work I have been doing is not studying techniques,
but learning to put aside all barriers
and become available, as said,
to allow the gift to come out…”

About me…

 Manuela Marussi becomes a painter in the year 2000, at the end of a cycle of workshops held by the Master Ileana Dudine at the centre “Reiki… la via del cuore” , allowing her to develop a deep relationship with herself, until touching the hidden core where she kept her talent.
It is with love that she approaches others, when she acts as a channel during Reiki sessions or Ayurvedic massage, and this also enriches the expressive means of painting, which becomes more intense, more dense, and more deeply connected to the soul of the Earth.
The spiritual growth is furthermore enhanced by the teachings of the Venerable Geshe Lama Sherab, who brings her closer to the sublime profoundness of Tibetan Buddhist practice, but also those of the Shaman Alessandro Corsi, who turns her idea of painting upside down, transforming the canvas in a kind of dream-catcher, where the dreams turn out to be visions taken from subtle levels of awareness.
She employs the teachings of the master Paolo Cervi Kervischer, who leads her to practice the ancient art of life drawing, and she progresses along her path acquiring skills which enable her to work as holistic operator.
She promotes the “Course of sensible drawing and painting”, where she proposes drawing and painting as an alchemic self-healing instrument, in the premises of the association l’Arnia.
She takes part in many collective and personal exhibitions, with a very positive response by public and criticism. Her artistic footprint tends to expand towards a personal perception of reality.

My works…

All my works may be view at the works page…


The need of structuring these courses arises at a certain point of my path as a painter out of the request of a good friend who, noticing the therapeutic results I obtained on myself, asked me to sketch also for others a path leading them to improve their relationship with themselves through painting and drawing.
This brought to a booklet entitled “Hands as a self-healing tool”, which I introduce at the association l’Arnia. This is how my first course starts. It is soon to be followed by many others, the last held at the association “Reiki…la via del cuore” due to the mainly spiritual character it has acquired over time. Other courses, limited to a small number of participants, are held in my atelier.
The courses, which are tailored on the needs of each new group, are a valid support for developing one’s own creative power while exploring one’s interiority, setting free the energies hindering our evolution.


Anyone who wishes to contact me for more detailed and personal information about Courses, Exhibitions, displayed works or about treatments or spiritual practices, can contact me under the number (0039) 333 3462198.
Alternatively, you can write me one e-mail to manuela.marussi@gmail.com.


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